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Everything about the AS197434 can be found on this page!


ASN19434 is a personal ASN which was established by me on August 1, 2023 with the help from Cloudie and Zappie Host LLC 🌐 It’s main goal is to build own networks with BGP which are routable over the internet. The network is dedicated for education and learning.

August 15, 2023

Peering Policy

Peering with us is a good way to reduce latency and bandwidth as you’re directly connected to us and don’t need to rely on your upstream provider. If you decide to peer with AS197434 you have to follow some basic rules, but don’t worry, they aren’t hard (only a security measure) 😉 Requirements and Rules In the possession of a RIPE assigned ASN and IPv6 prefix Have a valid and up to date PeeringDB profile Don’t under any circumstances point static or default routes towards us A valid RPKI would be useful for validation Connections and Profile FogIXP (AS47498) Our PeeringDB Profile Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer in 1-3 business days!...

August 15, 2023


Following methods can be used to get in contact with us! Questions or inquiries about peering with us at peering@as197434.net Network or problem related matters at noc@as197434.net All other matters at contact@as197434.net

August 15, 2023